Jan 24, 2018

Lustful Lovin' with Lulu & Liandra

What’s that famous saying again, you wait ages for a London bus to come and then two arrive at once! Well, say hello, again, to Lulu! A bone-fide Ersties favourite who hadn’t graced our presence for a little while. That was until last week when she came back with a BANG. A gangbang that is! In Virtual reality! You can view that here. As for this shoot, this time she’s hooking up with the equally gorgeous Liandra. And what a day it was!

The day began with Lulu seductively getting changed as Liandra watched through the glass doors. Stripping down to her underwear Lulu slipped on a summer-dress and came through to meet Liandra. To say she was turned on at this point would be an understatement! Within 1 minute they were in the bedroom, on the bed, and that super pretty summer-dress we just mentioned was quickly taken off again!

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The girls then kissed and caressed as Liandra continued to undress Lulu, sucking her nipples as she removed her bra. With both ladies now naked Liandra slowly and seductively kissed her way down Lulu’s body, going down on her before telling Lulu to sit on her face!

Following this tantalising tongue twisting action, Liandra wanted to bring out the toys. There was something so delicately dominant about how Liandra instructed Lulu exactly what to do and where to go. She wanted her on all fours, looking out over the city from their glorious location, as she played with the vibrator from behind!

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