Lucy's Sexual Fantasy...Comes to Life!

Dear Ersties,

For my ultimate fantasy I would like to be dressed in a decadent gown and call upon a procession of beautiful sex slaves to pleasure me royally!




Sexual Fantasies, we all have them right? But rarely, if ever, do they become a reality! Well, we decided to start making dreams come true! Our new series of shoots is all about the sexual fantasies of the Ersties Girls. Whatever it is, no matter how naughty, we want to make it happen! First up, the stunning Lucy.

Full Video Here >>> Lucy's Sexual Fantasy

Literally anything is possible. We thought long and hard about how we could make Ersties even better, then our lightbulb moment came. DING! Let’s make fantasies come true. Just how amazing would it be to watch Ersties Girls literally acting out the very scenarios that get them hotter and hornier than anything else. Pretty simple really, there’s nothing more authentic than someone’s innermost desires and there’s nothing more authentic than Ersties. Ok, back to our first shoot for the (drum roll please)…Ersties Sexual Fantasy Series!

Lucy’s wishlist included; Being dressed in a decadent and aristocratic gown (think Marie Antoinette), having her own army of sex slaves, receiving mind blowing head off each of them, finishing the day by fucking her chosen sex slave. Ok, let’s make it happen we said.

Full Video Here >>> Lucy's Sexual Fantasy

Finding the dress wasn’t too difficult, finding 4 willing gentleman (quite obviously, have you seen Lucy!?) was not difficult, a venue, piece of cake. Let the cameras roll! As you can see from the pictures, this shoot really was a dream come true! Enjoy!

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