Apr 19, 2016

Getting to know the Ersties girls: Mai

Name: Mai

Age: 21

Body Type: Slim and petite

Occupation: Student

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Sexual Preferences: Loves to give blow jobs and enjoys anal sex

We always like to have our finger firmly on the pulse of what is going on in the world, especially when it comes to sexual matters. So while the world has been so incredibly shocked that Vladimir Putin has been hiding billions of dollars in offshore accounts (no shit), we have been more interested in a recent study that found Mixed race people to be, scientifically, the most attractive. We aren’t all too sure what science was used to come to this conclusion, but we don’t really care as it allowed us to fantasise over the sexiest mixed race girls Ersties has to offer. Hence why this week we have been fan girling hard over Mai.

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Gorgeous, sexual, adventurous and a body to die for, throw in her Asian heritage and we can’t help but take our collective hats off to science and this wonderful bit of research. Ersties wholeheartedly agrees with the findings! 

So what makes Mai tick in the bedroom? Well her exotic nature isn’t just confined to the aesthetics, that is for certain. She likes to play around with submissive and dominant roles, flipping between the two to increase the passion. 

At the moment it is exam time for Mai, which doesn’t leave much time for, shall we say, sexual study breaks. Before you feel too sorry for her partner though, she has promised (or maybe demanded is a better word) sex so good and hard that he’ll have trouble standing up after. Her words not ours! For those women reading this who gave a collective ‘ahhh shit’ when they read the word ‘he’ do not need to worry. Mai has an adventurous sex life that fortunately for everyone includes both men and women. Her shoot with Rebecca is the stuff of Ersties legend, picture a shower shoot with two of Ersties most gorgeous girls with an orgasm so intense it’ll leave you needing a cold shower yourself.

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Luckily for you guys Mai found the time to take a little study break and let the Ersties cameras in to her bedroom as she introduced us to her favourite sex toys. Dildo’s, vibrators, fingers and orgasms, the type of study procrastination that Ersties fully encourages.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog as we update you weekly on the very latest from Ersties HQ. This shoot is the latest from the all female team at Ersties, our philosophy of real, natural girls shines through, 100% real life, 100% real porn. To see the full uncut version, click here to sign up to Ersties.

by Ersties

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