Jul 02, 2016

Getting to know the Ersties girls: Jay Elle

Name: Jay-Elle

Age: 22

Body Type: Slim and Slender

Occupation: Student

Likes: Nudist beaches, boobs and bums

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Here at Ersties we like to prove that even the most boring of tasks can be given a whole new sexual meaning with a little Ersties twist. We are pretty sure some of you out there might be getting your own hose out for some watering action after watching the gorgeous Jay-Elle tend to her wilting azaleas. 

When the dark skinned, blue haired ball of sexual energy that is Jay-Elle invited us round we assured her the fact she had to tend to a bit of gardening would be no problem at all. Hell, let’s get the camera rolling out there and see what happens we thought. Ever since you guys first laid eyes on Jay Elle in her incredible shoot with Laney, you have been asking to see more of both girls. And, as everyone knows, if you ask nicely, then Ersties simply can’t resist, what can we say, we love to please!

As ever when we visit the Ersties girls we want to know more about them and about what makes their sexual world spin. Wanting to get in to Jay Elle’s pants? (The whole Ersties HQ office has their hands raised at this point). Well personality is the key. Man or woman, she isn’t too fussed. Make her laugh, have an amazing smile and gorgeous eyes and you could be in with a chance. Hey, everyone is entitled to dream right!?

Amazingly (who knew this would come up in conversation) Jay Elle had never before masturbated outside before. The sun was out, the plants were watered, why not celebrate break this unwanted duck we thought. With the camera rolling and the sun glistening off her perfectly tanned skin Jay Elle decided to have a little naked swing in the hammock. 


Ever tried masturbating in a hammock before? Well, it isn’t easy! A nice sturdy bench to lie back on for some summer time solo shenanigans, much better. We did mention the lovely wet garden right? Do with that sentence what you like, we know how the dirty mind of an Ersties blog reader works!

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