Getting to know: Nora

Name: Nora

Age: 20

Body Type: Petite

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Biggest sexual turn on: Spanking, rough sex, being naughty outdoors

A lover of porn, Nora had grown disillusioned trying to find something that wasn’t scripted and boring, that’s when, during a search for something that really turned on, she came across Ersties. Finally, she tells us, here was what she was looking for, porn that is just as much for women as for men that she felt depicted real life amateur girls! Naturally, it wasn’t long before she wanted to shoot with us herself...

Given Nora’s sexual preferences, her first shoot was never going to be anything but outrageous! A bisexual who loves sex toys, her biggest turn on is being submissive, she loves being spanked whilst enjoying rough sex. One of her biggest unfulfilled fantasies involves getting naughty outdoors, oops, did we say unfulfilled? Not anymore...

On the day we visited her the snow had fallen here in Berlin, did this put her off, of course not, if anything she seemed even more eager to get outside and she knew just the spot! Just outside the city we found a forest, with the most amazing scenery, Nora was clearly hugely turned on and wanted to give Ersties a solo show to remember. We know all about ‘if a tree falls in a forest’ etc, but how about ‘if a gorgeous girl has a screaming orgasm in an empty forest does anyone hear it’? Luckily we filmed so the Ersties community had all the evidence they need.

After enjoying the snow, literally, Nora couldn’t stop playing with it, sprinkling it on her nipples and clit to enhance the pleasure, we headed back to her place to warm up. Normal people warm up with a cup of coffee and a shower maybe, not Nora, she warmed up by treating us to another mind blowing solo exhibition. This time she introduced us to some of her favourite toys, a butt plug of course!

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