May 31, 2016

celebrating our love for girls with minimal melanin!

Blonde hair, huge fake boobs with whiter teeth than Jaws and gleaming bronzed skin. If you’re a watcher of conventional porn this is likely to be your ideal woman. But Ersties has a little secret for you, to borrow a well know phrase, ‘that shit ain’t real’. Here at Ersties we like to celebrate the natural beauty of every woman. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is happy in her own skin, that is apart from a woman who is happy in her own skin exploring her sexuality in front of the Ersties cameras.

This brings us nicely round to the reason for our blog post. Approaching summer and the holiday season we can’t believe the amount of adverts for fake tan, sun bed shops, and the clamour to be a rich shade of mahogany. Is it just us that has a thing for pale skinned chicks!? Be happy in the skin you’re in we say! In Victorian Era Britain pale skin was seen as the pinnacle of beauty, implying wealth and status. We’re not saying things were all better then, Black Plague was a bit of a drag we imagine, but the whole pale girl thing we dig. So for those of you that dance to the tune of A Whiter Shade of Pale let’s take a look at some wonderfully natural Ersties Girls.

1. Chloe and Lucinda

What’s better than one pale skinned beauty? Well, two of course. Hats off to these lovely ladies, it’s not easy keeping that beautiful complexion all the way Down Under in Australia. Chloe and Lucinda are rightfully two favourites of the Ersties community, it’ll take you about 30 seconds of their shoot to realise why. Insanely hot and insanely talented in the bedroom, these are two women who know what they want and gladly let us film them getting it. 

Ersties sneak peek:

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2. Susi

A much sexier, bisexual, female Draco Malfoy was how one of the Ersties girls described Susi and we can certainly think of many things we’d like to DumbleDo to her. Unlike Draco thought it’s not her extensive wand collection we are interested in, more so her huge sex toy collection that she was more than happy to show us. Magical.

Ersties sneak peek:

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3. Emma

What better way to indulge yourself in Emma’s beautiful porcelain skin than joining her in the bath tub. Before you all start stripping off and reaching for your rubber ducky, we don’t mean literally. You can however enjoy the day Ersties spent at Emma’s getting acquainted with her shower head. You’ll never at the humble shower the same way again. In an entirely good way.

Ersties sneak peek:

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