Bonnie & Sondrine: Redheaded Romance

Lucky for Ersties, our HQ is based in Berlin. And there is just something so open, free and exciting about this city that seems to bring people together in the most amazing ways. Where else could a Norwegian meet an Australian and get their freak on in front of the camera!


That’s exactly what happened in our latest shoot. Norwegian Bonnie and Aussie Sondrine actually met in Amsterdam but as fate would have it they now find themselves in Berlin. If super cute redheads are your thing (and why the hell wouldn’t it be) then this is the shoot for you. 

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After taking a few snaps of each other the two ladies started to get in the mood as they softly kissed and caressed each other. Sondrine then showed her dominant side by taking control and blindfolding Bonnie. Lying her down she gently began to touch and tease her, Bonnie’s senses heightened…

Sondrine then began pleasuring Bonnie, first with her fingers and then, gloriously, with her tongue, all the while keeping her quite literally in the dark! Eventually the time came to take off the blindfold…only so Sondrine could wear it and Bonnie could take the dominant role!

With the roles swapped the action just kept on coming…and once the vibrator came out to play the action was the only thing that kept coming (and coming and coming)! Click below to check out the incredible action ;).

Click Play below to check out this incredible day!


Keep your eyes peeled on the blog as we update you weekly on the very latest from Ersties HQ. This shoot is the latest from the all female team at Ersties, our philosophy of real, natural girls shines through, 100% real life, 100% real porn. To see the full uncut version, click here to sign up to Ersties and don’t forget to follow us on twitter! Ciao!


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