Blind Date: Ersties Style

Anyone remember Blind Date!? Of course you do! The dividing wall, the girl on one side, 3 single men on the other, answering ridiculous questions with terrible innuendo in an attempt to win the girls heart? We decided the whole concept needed updating with a little Ersties twist. We have taken the Blind Date format and added one crucial ingredient...fucking!

Similar to the original show, one girl chooses one lucky man through a series of questions, the difference being, as soon as the big reveal is through, the happy couple can fuck, right there and then on a bed conveniently placed in the centre of the studio! Our very own Paulita took the role of Matchmaker, with Ersties Girl Lindsey looking to find the man of her dreams. The Studio was ready, the 3 contestants were ready, just one question remained, would they really fuck!?

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We won’t give me too much away (you can watch the episode underneath), but Lindsey was clearly determined to figure out which of the three guys would give her the best time in the bedroom! With answers that included tales of sexual conquests and outstanding prowess between the sheets, there was clearly no need to beat around bush (stop smirking you), everyone knew the prize and they were going all out for glory. Enjoy the show!

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