Jun 26, 2016

Hilda shows Amarna just how amazing her new toy is...

When we found out that Amarna was back in Berlin to visit her good friend Hilda we simply felt we owed it to the Ersties community to ask the important question. Can we come over please? Oh, and can we bring the camera? Both girls have huge love amongst you guys, if you aren’t familiar with the girls then take the time to catch up now! We promise it’s worth the time. We are talking about Armana’s voyeuristic day out filled with flashing and public pleasure and Hilda’s amazing day in with N and Paulita. 3 girls, a strap on, and more orgasms you can shake your stick at. 

With our invite confirmed we started counting the hours (ok minutes, ok ok, seconds) until the shoot. Both girls, as expected, looked simply stunning as we sat down for a chat about all things from libido levels to beauty treatments. Obviously, as this is Ersties and it’s kind of our favourite subject, we quickly got in to a whole host of bedroom chat. We learned that both girls have problems with their sex drives, that is, finding a boyfriend who can keep up with their desires. On more than one occasion Amarna and Hilda have found themselves single because they simply want sex too much! Yep, 100% Ersties girls!

We could have sat there talking for hours but to be honest we didn’t want to, and we don’t think the girls did to. Why? Well, there was some fucking to be done of course! We knew Amarna and Hilda really knew what they were doing in the bedroom, but even we didn’t expect this. If passionate, hair pulling, pleasure demanding, occasionally downright animalistic fucking is your thing then look no further than this shoot. Sometimes there is just that spark, something primal between two people that shines through during sex, and with these two lovely ladies that was certainly the case. They were the ones doing all the exercise but by the end of this shoot you’ll be the one needing to lie down in a dark room.

Here at Ersties we like to see ourselves as the gift that just keeps giving. So when Hilda invited us back the next day we thought about the plans we had for all of 0.01 seconds, cancelled them, and hopped in the first taxi back over. For those eagle eyed Ersties lovers out there, you may remember Hilda’s strap on as the gift Paulita gave her when we shot their amazing threesome. Well now it was time for Hilda to share her present with Amarna, with incredible results. We’ve had some amazing weekends here at Ersties but this might just top them all. 

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog as we update you weekly on the very latest from Ersties HQ. This shoot is the latest from the all female team at Ersties, our philosophy of real, natural girls shines through, 100% real life, 100% real porn. To see the full uncut version, click here to sign up to Ersties.

by Ersties

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