Mar 29, 2016

A sensual Sunday session with Laney and Jay Elle

It’s somewhat of an office tradition at Ersties HQ to try and summarise each and every new shoot we have in one word. Each Ersties girl is asked for her one word summary each time the final edit is finished, all the final touches are made, and the shoot is made available for you lovely people. Sometimes the words can differ, be it; hardcore, fun, sexy, playful, mindblowing or fuckingamazing (some Ersties girls like to cheat and put two words together), the range of words is often quite large. With the very latest shoot from Laney and Jay Elle though, something quite strange happened, there was a unanimous agreement on one word...sensual.

These two gorgeous ladies treated us to one of the most soft, sensual and downright sexy shoots we’ve ever seen. The commitment of both girls to satisfy each other was something very rarely seen in the porn world. I’m sure you guys will agree as you watch this mind blowing shoot that there is just something so wonderful about Jay Elle's dark skin and blue hair and the way it contrasts with Laney's tall slender figure and long blonde locks. 

The shoot began with very tender kissing and touching, each girl slowly and tentatively feeling their way in to the situation. As with all Ersties shoots, these are 100% real girls in a 100% real situation and this can sometimes be felt from behind the camera. You can sense the initial trepidation and apprehension, but this quickly evaporated as Laney took control of the situation. With both girls down to their matching underwear and Jay Elle’s turquoise lace lingerie ensuring our jaws were firmly on the floor, what had begun slowly and quietly soon burst in to life with a whirlwind of tongues, fingers and gasps. For the girls the camera soon faded well and truly in to the background as they concentrated solely on each other, no distractions.

After some time of dedicated pleasure giving, we had ourselves a small problem. 2 girls, 1 orgasm, the kind of numbers that make everyone at Ersties HQ really quite sad. This orgasm gap needed some readjustment. Not to worry, Jay Elle had that covered. With all the excitement and ecstasy we hardly realised the girls had transitioned from standing up, to the couch, and were now on the hard wood floor. We’ll leave you to figure out the rest. 2 girls, multiple orgasms, it’s more our kind of ratio.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog as we update you weekly on the very latest from Ersties HQ. This shoot is the latest from the all female team at Ersties, our philosophy of real, natural girls shines through, 100% real life, 100% real porn. To see the full uncut version, click here to sign up to Ersties.

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